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technology that makes sense.
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We believe that technology should empower, reward and delight its users. We also believe users have a right to retain control of their data, freely exchange information, and create value for each other.

That’s why we build tech tools that put users in charge. And we’re keeping our hands off their data.  Technology that serves humans, makes sense.

Why blockchain makes sense.

The invention of blockchain technology has created an unprecedented opportunity for trustless, secure, peer-to-peer transfer of value and information. It opens doors for digital identity security and enables new levels of data ownership.

But for this revolutionary invention to flourish it must be easy for everyone to use. That's where we come in.

MAKE SENSE LABS is a venture-backed blockchain technology company with tenured investors including Draper Associates. Our flagship application Sense Chat is the first of its kind: a secure, crypto-enabled messenger.
Sense Chat

A secure crypto-enabled messenger where users can chat, share and earn.

Sense Chat allows anyone to share and earn tokens while connecting in private and hyper secure encrypted chats.
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The SENSE token is a tool for empowering communities on the Sense Chat platform.

  A tradeable cryptocurrency
  Earned through engagement on Sense Chat
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EOS Chat

A secure way to chat, earn, and share EOS tokens.

EOS Chat allows anyone with a new or existing EOS account to chat, earn and share EOS tokens while connecting in private text, audio, and video chats. All of your 1-to-1 conversations are encrypted and completely private.
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Control over data and identity belongs to the user

Users must know how their data is used, stored and transmitted

Users and their data are valuable and sovereign

To be able to communicate and transact without third parties

Decentralization is a means to empower and reward individuals

Users are rewarded for the value of their contributions through community consensus


“The world is becoming decentralized. I am excited to support this amazing application. Sense Chat improves human connections by allowing private, seamless messaging and payments.”

Tim Draper
Founder of Draper Associates
Our Team

Crystal Rose
Ben Sigman
Chief Technology Officer
John Schenk
Chief Financial Officer
Zac Harding
Director of Marketing
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