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Akoin and Sense Chat

Akoin by Akon Partners With Sense Chat

Zac Harding
Zac Harding

Sense Chat is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Akoin, the cryptocurrency venture founded by Grammy-nominated and global philanthropist Akon, to bring encrypted, blockchain-based messaging to an international community.

Sense Chat will become the sole messaging platform for the ambitious Akon City project, which recently was awarded a $6 Billion dollar construction contract for the Senegalese settlement that aims to offer financial sovereignty for African citizens. Sense Chat will host the primary communication channels for the Akoin communities, which will introduce this venture to our existing crypto-passionate audiences.

“I’m very excited for Sense Chat to partner with Akoin, their innovative and groundbreaking approach to utilizing blockchain technology in Africa is a glance into the future. I’m enthusiastic about the potential for positive impact across the rising economies of Africa and beyond” -Crystal Rose, CEO of Sense Chat

We’re confident the Sense Chat community will embrace Akoin with open arms. Additionally, the ability to reward communities and users for their engagement in Sense Chat will bring immense value to these new audiences. Akoin aims to “unlock the potential of the world’s largest growing workforce by creating learning, earning, spending, and saving opportunities across Africa and other lean economies.”

But don’t just take our word for it, here are some quotes on the partnership:

“Building a passionate community, including secure messaging, are critical features for social ventures such as Akoin to succeed. Having a product of Sense Chat’s quality, including cutting edge activation and reward features, will grow a strong and curated blockchain-focused community within the Sense Chat platform and ultimately bringing the same features into the Akoin eco-system. A lot of new messengers are going to try and figure out ways to outdo this one but we will be way ahead of the game. I love the functionality, and all the functionalities that honestly a lot of other messaging services have overlooked.” — Akon
About Sense Chat:

Sense Chat is a trust-based encrypted messenger built to communicate, organize and reward your communities and friends. Vouch for friends, pump your channels and build social trust, all powered by the Sense Token.

About Akoin:

The Akoin Foundation will grow the mission through community partnerships, local ambassadors, and layered grassroots and digital programs aimed at kick-starting entrepreneurs in Africa with education, investment and incubation programs.

To learn more about the Akoin & Sense Chat partnership, head over to the recent Decrypt feature here.

Sign up HERE to get early access to Sense Chat and the Akoin Community channel!

Zac Harding
Zac Harding