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How To Use Sense Chat

Zac Harding
Zac Harding

In 2021, fans, followers, and customers expect direct, authentic contact with their idols and brands. The problem is, current messaging apps were not built for real community engagement, they were built for broadcasting. Key messages are lost in scattered feeds and it’s impossible to follow one piece of content through the noise. There are no tools to encourage and reward true user engagement or organize large groups of followers to share and create user-generated content.

But messaging apps have the potential to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences to each fan, follower or customer, and activate them to grow brands and communities. Unlike other channels where fans are merely a broadcast target,  chat rooms allow them to engage directly. 

This is what we’re building at Sense Chat - a new generation of messenger. An app designed for anyone managing a community (musicians, artists, brands, and companies), and anyone who wants to safely chat with friends and family on a platform that respects their privacy.  We’re bringing social media into messaging.  

For the first time ever:

  1.  A messenger app is a viable content platform where public figures retain control, and fans are rewarded for engaging.
  2. Anyone can chat freely, safely with contacts in an encrypted environment. 

Here’s how it works. 

Sense Chat is built around the SENSE token, which allows our members to vouch for contacts, “pump” great content, create and join channels on topics they love, create one-to-one and group chats with friends, and earn SENSE tokens the whole time. Let’s break the features down even further.

Sign Up - Use your phone number to create a Sense Chat account. But don’t worry, the numbers are hashed so even our team can’t see them. Select a SenseID and a profile photo and you’re off to the races.

Chats - Use the search field to find friends! Message them directly or assemble a group chat.

Vouching - This is one of our favorite features, it allows you to “vouch” for fellow users, spot fake accounts and help secure the network. Users who have been vouched for will earn a blue check-mark,; accessible to real people using a unique verification method that is democratized, not centralized.

Pumping - Upvote & promote great content, while you reward the contributors. It’s like a “like” but with actual value.

Create Channels - Channels are where you can invite your friends, family, followers, fans or customers to chat, collaborate and share content. Choose between “admins only” or “everybody” posting settings. In admin only, community members are restricted to replying to admin-posted content only, which allows for more guided conversations.

Branded Channel Links - Edit your channel link to create a branded URL for inviting new members. Each link is one-of-a-kind unique so make

Earning Rate & Button - Tap the “Earn” button daily to activate your earning for that period. Your earning rate is dynamic and based upon your activity within the app. The more you contribute the more you earn.

Invite - Share your invite link with friends and receive 25 SENSE tokens for up to 5 friends that join. Remember, the more active you are the more SENSE you can earn so invite more than 5 friends to increase your activity.

So who is Sense Chat for?

If you’re an influencer or content creator:

  • Communicate directly with your fan community. Post a message and all the fans in your channel will receive a notification!
  • Invite community engagement! Fans can have real-time conversations with each other about the content you share.
  • Direct message with your fans and customers for support and promotion.

If you’re a band, artist, journalist, NGO or public figure:

  • Engage with fans one-to-one, knowing there is NO exchange of sensitive personal information.
  • Chat with confidence, knowing your phone number cannot be accessed and all your private information is secured.
  • Instantly notify large amounts of people with one message. 
  • “Pump” messages from highly-engaged fans.  
  • Deploy your Sense Chat fans to “mob market” for you across all social platforms, by rewarding them with SENSE tokens for actions like sharing your content, purchasing merch, or inviting others to join the channel. 
  • Encourage user generated content.
  • Easily organize large groups of people around events and promotions.

If you’re a brand or existing digital community:

  • Reward your evangelists with tokens for sharing your content. 
  • Engage in authentic conversations with your consumers.
  • Restrict your audience to real humans by allowing members with vouches to join your channel. 
  • Reward your fans for “small” actions and exponentially grow your community. 

If you’re a human looking for a new messaging experience:

  • Invite friends and family to chat with you in a fun, tokenized messenger!
  • Earn crypto for launching new communities and chiming into your favorite existing communities.

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Zac Harding
Zac Harding