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Sense Chat and the Future of Social Messaging

Zac Harding
Autumn Moss Penaloza

The problem

The social media and messaging landscape began with a business model that connected people globally, and positions their data and attention as the product. Did it work? Absolutely. The incumbent tech giants are now some of the most powerful companies in the world. But we as the users have been left with an experience that falls short of optimal, with social feeds populated by ads and manipulated by algorithms, and a growing dissatisfaction of the way our private information is handled. Social media notifications have become the new inbox. We login, check what notifications you’ve missed and then respond, just like email.

Companies and content creators who use these platforms are forced to execute expensive ad campaigns to reach their audiences, and churn out constant content streams that may be displayed to 5% of their follower base, if at all. There’s an inherent under-utilization of digital community potential, and a mass exploitation of user good faith. Worst of all, users are missing the opportunity to contribute our enthusiasm and attention in a meaningful, rewarding way. Thanks to Web 3.0, people are learning that their digital selves are worth something. The tools they need to monetize them aren’t fully realized yet, but the movement has begun.

The solution

Sense Chat is leading the way in a new generation of social platforms that believe in human-centric, user-first technology.  We’re doing things differently. We’re not reverse engineering our business model to address your needs retroactively. We’re building our products user-first from the start. We believe social platforms and messengers can support a two-way conversation that drives value in both directions.

"Sense Chat is the antidote to an epidemic of algorithm-driven social media."

On Sense Chat:

  • You’ll be rewarded for your engagement and contribution.
  • You’ll have direct connections with brands, movements and individuals you care about, and the feeling of being a part of their conversation.
  • Your content will reach 100% of your followers, and they’ll reward you directly with tokens.
  • Community channels become valuable properties the more their members contribute to the conversation. Channel admins can distribute that value to the channel members, or let it accrue towards future investment in community initiatives. 

At Sense Chat:

  • We think community is powerful, and we want to help you build yours YOUR way.
  • We think your data is yours to contribute, and yours to benefit from.
  • We think tokens are central to building online communities.
  • We aim to empower a universe of tokenized communities.

As humans begin to live more and more of our lives online, we’re going to start seeing this concept play out more predominantly. Whether we’re talking about a band, a brand, a movement or a health guru, ‘content creators’ of every size and shape are going to need online channels to connect with their fan base, and reward them for being there. This is why we are building Sense Chat, a social messenger, where content and conversation go hand-in-hand. Where you can collaborate with your favorite brands, movements and people, rather than be force-fed content. To give communities a place to grow, and humans a place to engage meaningfully with what they love. 


If you want to have a say in how your socials evolve...

If you want to be a partner instead of a product...

If you want to organize and incentivize your ambassadors...

If you think social media should support authentic conversations...

If you want to share in the value you create across the web...

Then join us.

We’re just getting started.

Sense Chat is in beta, with 15,000 global users, chatting in 3,600 channels about everything from the defi phenomenon, to business innovation, to cocktail recipes and travel. We’ll be live in the App Store in February 2021. Join us here.

Zac Harding
Autumn Moss Penaloza