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The Great Messenger Shakeout

Zac Harding
Autumn Moss Penaloza

The landscape of social media and messenger apps just experienced its first earthquake. Thanks to a perfect storm of Apple ramping up privacy & data disclosure requirements, WhatsApp outlining exactly how much data it will collect and share from users, and ex-President Donald Trump getting the boot from Twitter, the world has seen an unprecedented migration of users from incumbent platforms to lesser known solutions like Signal and Telegram. 

The open-source encrypted messenger Signal received a nitro boost from longtime fan Elon Musk who tweeted “Use Signal” on January 7th to his 43 million followers. Clearly the message was received, because in one day alone over 40 million users installed Signal, temporarily stalling the app’s ability to onboard users as fast as they were signing up.

Telegram was a huge beneficiary of this shake-up as well, onboarding 25 million users over 72 hours.

All of this after the blockbuster documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ illuminated how deep the river of social media manipulation now runs in our daily lives, and the political and emotional impact it’s having on us. Suffice it to say, we’ve had enough!

So what’s next? You have options. 

If simple one-to-one and group messaging satisfies your needs, and you’re savvy enough to keep photos and sensitive documents out of your messages, then industry leader Whatsapp is still a fine choice.

Looking for a hyper-private, encrypted messenger that most of your adult relatives will not already have on their phone? Signal is a fantastic choice. Our team has much respect for the Signal ethos: we love their commitment to open source technology and protecting user data.

Then there’s Telegram. While easy onboarding makes this chat app an easy choice for most newbies, it also makes it an easy choice for spammers, profile impersonators and scammers looking to trick you out of your newly acquired crypto holdings. Buyer beware. The other key issue with Telegram is that default chats, groups and public channels are NOT encrypted. This is worth repeating. They are NOT encrypted. If you want an encrypted chat on Telegram, you have to initiate a “Secret Chat”. Most users do not know this.

Feel like you should have better options? We do too. That’s why we’ve spent the last 18 months re-designing Sense Chat to be a better messenger... social media reinvented. 

On Sense Chat, the only private data you’ll need to authenticate is a phone number, but this is hashed, so even our team can’t scrape your digits. Once inside the app, you’ll find one-to-one messaging, group messages, and bustling community channels, each with a unique level of encryption. We feel strongly about privacy and protecting user data on Sense Chat, so ALL your chats are encrypted, and none of your private data is ever viewed, harvested or sold to third parties.

The best part? We’ve integrated SENSE token earnings and a dynamic daily earning rate into Sense Chat. So every time you vouch for friends, pump messages, launch channels and interact in the app, you earn SENSE tokens. The more you interact, the higher your earning rate goes, and the more you earn. 

Beyond this engagement and earning machine we’ve enabled, is a concept of creator empowerment we hold dear. We believe that content creators, community admins, musicians, and business leaders (anyone with a platform!) should be able to reach ALL their followers with content they post, unadulterated by algorithms and monetized directly to their crypto account. Channels filled with your followers; owned, controlled, and monetized by you and you alone.

Isn’t that the way all social media should function? User needs first? We certainly believe so.

We hope this helped shed some light on the exciting developments in our social media + messaging ecosystem. The future is here.

If you’re shopping for a new messenger to call home, give Sense Chat a try. We’re still in beta, and you can download here: www.sense.chat

Happy chatting.


Zac Harding
Autumn Moss Penaloza